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Historic Routt County | since 1997

Historic Routt County | since 1997

Crossan’s M & A Market

Colorado’s Most Endangered Places Saved 2012


At a Glance

Date Built: 1903
Restoration Start Date: 2013
Completion Date: 2018
Received the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation in 2020

The History

In 1903 there was a construction boom in the town of Yampa with forty new buildings going up in a single year because of the anticipated arrival of the Moffat Line, the first railroad to arrive in Northwest Colorado. Two brothers, Sam, and Ed Bell took part in the development rush by building one of the first general stores in the Yampa Valley. By June 1903, the market was stocked and open for business. The market also became an important social hub where neighbors and visitors could gather while offering necessities for those living in this remote and isolated area.

The Bell brothers sold the store in 1905 to Buck & Son which changed to Buck & Moore after a year. In 1910, George Canant purchased the operation bringing stability until 1930. Canant’s daughter sold the store in 1935 to Howard Allen and Joe Montgomery, and they operated the store as the M&A Market. In 1936 Howard Allen and Robert Crossan bought Montgomery’s share and the name changed to Crossan’s M&A Market. The store shut down for good in 1964 after the Crossans retired and was sold to Joe Montgomery who used it for storage. The building slowly deteriorated over the next four decades and in 2006 was purchased by the Town of Yampa.

The Project

The rehabilitation of Crossan’s M & A Market was a multi-year, multi-phase project spearheaded by Friends of Crossan’s, the Town of Yampa, and Historic Routt County. HRC was proud to be Crossan’s rehab’s fiscal agent and project manager. The success of this project was rooted in a deep commitment to protect and preserve the historical integrity of the building and the willingness to see the project through to completion.

Phase 1: November 2013
The ground-breaking for Crossan’s M & A Market Project was led by contractor John Dobell with Dobell Contracting Company, Inc., work was accomplished to demolish the sidewalks, de-construct a shed in the back of the building, and lift the building by about three feet so it can sit safely and securely on its new, stable foundation.

Phase 2: Completed 2017
The purpose of Phase 2 was to rehabilitate the exterior and first-floor interior of the market. This involved reinstalling utility lines including water, sewer, power, gas, telephone, and fire suppression; rehabilitation of exterior siding and trim; replacement of roofing; rehabilitation of storefront windows, exterior doors, and interior trim; and replacement of the wood floor in the mercantile area. Phase 2 was funded by a $200,000 SHF grant matched by a $400,000 Department of Local Affairs grant. Thanks to Jan Kaminski, Principal/Architect of Mountain Architecture Design Group, John Dobell of Dobell Contracting Company, and the hard work of so many others, we completed phase 2 in 2017.

Phase 3: Completed 2018
Phase 3 was primarily funded by a final $200,000 SHF grant and Todd Park Mohr, who graciously agreed to play another fundraising concert. Phase 3 accomplished the final work needed to complete the project as an adaptive reuse including finishing the second floor and making the entire building ADA accessible so it can be used for a community meeting space, the Yampa Town Hall is located on the second floor and accessible with a lift. The main floor is primarily a visitor center with exhibits open to the public coordinated by the Yampa-Egeria Historical Society.