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Historic Routt County | since 1997

Historic Routt County | since 1997

Advocacy, Preservation Assistance, and Education for the Places You Love

We’re on a mission to preserve and to promote the historic character of Routt County.

Historic Routt County is an award-winning, nationally recognized nonprofit historic preservation organization.


We partner with the community to document and safeguard Routt County’s irreplaceable historic structures and unique landscapes through advocacy, preservation assistance, and education.


We envision a community where historic structures and landscapes inspire, educate and connect residents and visitors to the Yampa Valley.

“Without people like you who value these kinds of structures and the history of Routt County, there is a lot to lose here and it’s great that you are willing to put in the time, effort and money to preserve a structure like this.”

Tim Corrigan, Routt County Commissioner

“The preservation of [our] irreplaceable heritage is in the public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and energy benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans.”

Title 1, Section 1(b)(4) of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966